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Hotel Pet Peeves – a Twitter discussion!

Hotels are, often, one of the places we go to completely escape the world. However, like many things, they come with some small issues that might annoy you. We recently held a Twitter discussion to discuss those little things!

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4 Planets You Should Consider Travelling to This Year

There’s no denying what a great place the Earth is. However, how many times do we hear the expression ‘it’s SUCH a small world’? With that in mind, here’s our 4 suggestions for great getaways in the Solar System. 

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Long weekends from the UAE? Here’s 8 destinations that might not spring to mind…


In the UAE, we’re blessed with a really diverse range of nearby holiday destinations. The variety of Europe isn’t far away and South East Asia is also pretty close. However, when it comes to a long weekend, travellers in the region tend to stick to the same destinations. Sri Lanka and Oman are gorgeous places but today we’re going to show you what else can be reached within 4.5 hours or less – perfect for an extended weekend away. The world really is on our doorstep!

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Seat reclining in economy class – a sensitive subject!

My return from Rome a few weeks ago departed Rome Fiumcino at around 10pm. If you’ve read the blog post, you’ll know it was a pretty full on holiday and, naturally, me and my wife were fairly tired on the way home. The plane took off, dinner was served and then we tried to settle down for a bit of sleep. I tried to recline my seat but, nope, nothing. Was it stuck? Afraid not. The chap in the seat behind me had actually braced his knees against the back of my seat so that I couldn’t recline my seat.

Inspired by this experience I asked this question on Twitter last week: 

‘What’s your view on seat reclining in economy cabins?’ 

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A 2 week Italian adventure

ImageThe Tuscan countryside

As some of you might have known, I’ve been on a bit of a break recently to traipse round Italy with my wife and our backpacks. Our 2 week mini-adventure has come and gone so I thought it’d make a nice blog piece to detail how it went!

Our itinerary was, for us, just right. There was quite a substantial amount of travel but it wasn’t too difficult to handle which allowed us to gain a fantastic snapshot of Italy. My wife has never been and I’ve only visited Rome so this itinerary really allowed us to gain a good oversight of the country and where we’d like to visit again in the future (spoiler alert: Tuscany!).

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