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Hotel Pet Peeves – a Twitter discussion!


Hotels are, often, one of the places we go to completely escape the world. However, like many things, they come with some small issues that might annoy you. We recently held a Twitter discussion to discuss those little things!

Without further ado, here’s a selection of the comments we received on things that REALLY annoy you when you stay in a hotel:

  • @ClaireRDXB – When the room doesn’t come equipped with an iron. Come on – that should come as standard! Also, they never give you big enough hand towels. I need a towel for my hair drying and it is the size of a napkin!
  • @chezziebird – I stayed in a hotel in Frankfurt recently that had no kettle! Now that’s just not right!
  • @KrysiaJ – The amount of time taken to check in. What on Earth are they doing?!
  • @T_in_DXB – 1. Staff knocking when DND (referring to ‘do not disturb’ sign) 2. Room keys not working 3) Price of mini bar 4) Charges when removing items from mini bar to put own stuff in 5) Hairdryers with the power of a personal fan!
  • @rmdarnell – I have one indicator that gives me an idea on the hotel every time. The showerhead. Most hotels upgrade but fail to deliver consideration to the bathroom. You can then see where else they have cut costs.
  • @zahidk – My single biggest pet peeve is no socket by the bedside
  • @sandierpastures – Shower head fixed in the wall! If you have a small child or a woman you would understand!
  • @swearyshau – Plugs nowhere near beds or vanity mirrors. Hair dryers nowhere near a mirror.


The biggest pet peeve, though? Lack of free wi-fi. Almost everyone in our conversation veered into discussion about lack of free wi-fi in hotels. In particular the big complaints were overly expensive charges and wi-fi that only works in public areas rather than in the rooms.

  • @GeordieArmani – charging for wifi
  • @AJH_Dubai – when hotels charge for wifi. These days, it’s enough to put us off a hotel. (there’s) often a wifi charge for each device.
  • @ClaireRDXB – my friend had free wifi in all her hotels in Cambodia and Vietnam. If they can, then everywhere surely can!


So hotels, your move. If you want customers then not providing free/high quality wifi could be a huge mistake. Furthermore, with some surveys suggesting that women are the key decision-makers in 70% of travel plans – make sure your hair drying facilities are up to scratch! 


4 thoughts on “Hotel Pet Peeves – a Twitter discussion!

  1. thanks for the mention, greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. I missed the twitter discussion, but totally agree with the wifi comments. It is a basic expectation these days. In addition, I get fed up when I have to wait hours for housekeeping to bring me extra pillows or towels. And if I have a kettle, can I have more than two teabags?

  3. I only get through any working day with copious quantities of both decent tea and coffee!

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