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4 Planets You Should Consider Travelling to This Year

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There’s no denying what a great place the Earth is. However, how many times do we hear the expression ‘it’s SUCH a small world’? With that in mind, here’s our 4 suggestions for great getaways in the Solar System. 

  • Mars – a great choice for those looking for crowds and activity as Mars is already home to NASA’s martian rovers Spirit and Opportunity as well as several probes from countries all over the world. Film lover? Mars has been used as the set for great films such as Total Recall so it’s certainly an excellent spot to go celebrity spotting.


  • Jupiter – the planet of choice for those who love watching a good tropical storm whilst sipping exotic cocktails; Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a massive cyclone approximately three times the size of Earth. One must exercise great caution, however, winds around the edge can blow at over 400km/h. As the biggest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter is also a great choice if you love plenty of open space. 


  • Venus – lovely and close to the Sun, Venus’ thick atmosphere guarantees warm temperatures all year round. Average temperatures sit around 462c meaning you’re sure to come back with a tan, however, one must watch out for the planet’s sulfuric acid rain – suntan lotion just won’t protect you against that. 


  • Neptune – For those who getting away from it all, Neptune is a great choice – around 4.3 billion kilometres from Earth. You’ll need to pack your thermal underwear as Neptune can get pretty cold, minus 210c is not unheard of. When packing your case, definitely think along the lines of ‘ski chic’ with extra warmth. It’s a great value-for-money location; Neptune’s days are only 18hrs long so you can have 4 days on Neptune to the equivalent of 3 days Earth time. Truly excellent for those who love maximizing their leave amounts. 






Well, we’d LOVE to offer packages for other planets in the Solar System but unfortunately today is April Fools Day! We’re sorry! 


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