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7 Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Travel Without

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There’s an awful lot of travel apps on the market – here’s our 7 recommendations for the absolutely vital ones! 



Rightfully top of the list, TripAdvisor is probably the most widely used travel app in the world. It’s a great tool to find fantastic recommendations when you travel. It’s got built in maps with navigation to make it easy to find where you’re going and it’s a great resource for finding recommendations on things to do or places to eat. TripAdvisor also has a range of offline city guides for 80 of the world’s top cities including New York, Rio de Janeiro, London, Beijing, Cape Town and more!

iOS     Android

Google Maps


The best mapping software in the world should be right at the top of your list of travel apps. The software has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade and now even allows you to see a real picture of where you are using the Street View feature. It’s got navigation included as well so, if you’re renting a car, it’s a brilliant app to use (and you can avoid the often expensive cost of GPS rental).

iOS     Android

Word Lens


Word Lens is a great translation app – point your camera at something in a foreign language and the text will be displayed on the screen in your native language. It’s got to be seen to be believed but it’s well worth a purchase if you’re travelling somewhere that you’re not familiar with the language.

iOS     Android

XE Currency


Currency conversions on the fly. Easy to use, straightforward – what more is there to say? Keep track of how much you’re spending with XE’s great little app.

iOS     Android



Airports can be really difficult to navigate. GateGuru takes a lot of the fuss out of that, giving you airport maps and information, ‘journey cards’ to show your flight details and amenity lists. Finding a cup of coffee, your gate or somewhere to buy a souvenir has never been easier! Currently, GateGuru is a little US-heavy but more airports are always being added.

iOS     Android

Packing Pro


Love a good checklist? Packing Pro lets you make great checklists to make sure you forget nothing when you’re going on holiday!




Arguably the best note-taking app in the world, Evernote has been helping people for a long time. Evernote helps you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences to let your organise your life the way you want to.

iOS     Android

Got an app you love? Let us know in the comments!


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