Al Arabi Travel Agency

Ramadan Care Packages Night 2012 (with Adopt A Camp)

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On Thursday 9th August 2012, we were extremely privileged to be involved with Adopt A Camp’s care package night. The organisation works with Dubai’s labour camps to try to improve the lives of the men who work there.

Al Arabi Travel Agency was represented by Cally (manager), Preti (travel consultant) and Daniel (marketing) and participated in this event as a follow up to the money we donated to Adopt A Camp earlier in the month. We felt that it was great to donate money but it was also extremely satisfying to see the money being put in to action.

We also couldn’t believe how many people showed up! Dubai represented itself in fantastic fashion – even to the point of there being SO many volunteers that a few people didn’t have any work to do.

It was, of course, a great pleasure for us to be involved with such a remarkable organisation and we look forward to maintaining a close relationship with the Adopt A Camp team in future.

Adopt-a-Camp (AAC) is an initiative to meaningfully improve the lives of the men who build the beautiful cities we live in and through them, to reach out and aid the diverse communities from which they come.

Adopt-a-Camp has been working with labourers in labour camps for 7 years and currently has 43 camps and 32,200+ men under its wing.


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