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Adopt-A-Camp pay us a visit!

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We LOVE corporate responsibility at Al Arabi Travel Agency. We very much enjoy talking about which charities we’d love to help out and we are extremely proud to be donating to Adopt A Camp this Ramadan.

On August 5th 2012, we received a visit from Saher Sheikh, the founder of Adopt-A-Camp, to not only collect the money we raised but to also educate us a little about exactly what Adopt-A-Camp does and what they aim to achieve.

We’re also sending volunteers to Adopt-A-Camp’s packing night (for all the packages that will be delivered to the labourers) and we’re extremely happy to participate in this. For this evening, Cally (our manager) and Daniel (from marketing) will be helping out.

For more information about Adopt-A-Camp, please visit

To see photos of the Adopt-A-Camp visit, please click the following link!


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