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Ramadan Care Packages Night 2012 with Adopt-A-Camp

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At Al Arabi Travel Agency, we feel extremely strongly about corporate social responsibility and we’re always very keen to get involved in fantastic charitable activities.

That’s why this week we’ve made the decision to help out Adopt-A-Camp, a UAE-based charity that strives to improve the living conditions for labourers within Dubai’s labour camps.

Adopt-a-Camp (AAC) is an initiative to meaningfully improve the lives of the men who build the beautiful cities we live in and through them, to reach out and aid the diverse communities from which they come.

Adopt-a-Camp has been working with labourers in labour camps for 7 years and currently has 43 camps and 32,200+ men under its wing.

We’ve decided to donate AED10 from every single flight booking we make this week. We’re very excited to see how much we can raise and we’re looking forward to presenting Adopt-A-Camp with a very healthy sized cheque at the end of the week.

We’ll be donating from July 15th – July 19th so it’s never been a better time to book with Al Arabi Travel Agency. We recognise that we’re extremely lucky to have a good lifestyle in a wonderful city and we’re extremely proud to be helping out those who don’t have quite as much luck as us.

For more information, please visit:


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